Experience the powerful words of enlifhtenment "The Revival of Hope"

  • 2012/07/14(土) 01:09:43


You will be filled with courage

and discover many hints

to live your life stronger !!

【Date】 July 25th (Wed.)
【Time】 19:00 ~ 20:15 (Door close at 18:30pm)
【Place】Saitama Super Arena ≫≫ 
Station: Saitama shintoshin Station
Map: ≫≫ 
【subject】"The Revival of Hope" (English Simultaneous Translation)
【Opening show】18:30 ~

◆Ticket inquiry◆
Happy Science Tokyo Chuo
2-19,Ginza 2-chome, Chuo-ku,Tokyo
Email to: hctokyochuo@gmail.com

◆Today's Words of Wisdom◆
What you learn from this world determines whether you go to heaven or hell.
(From Master Ryuho Okawa's Lecture "You Can Be the Person You Want to Become")


Video Seminar July 15th(Sun) “Be Strong”

  • 2012/06/27(水) 20:49:51



We will have a English video seminar of Master Ryuho Okawa, “Be Strong” at Shibuya Shoja on July 15th.

You will be filled with courage and discover many hints to live your life stronger.
There would be a tea party after the seminar.
(*This time, we would kindly ask for suggested donation 1000 yen or more)

Let’s attend with many friends!


Date: July15th (Sun) starts from 2:00pm – 3:30pm

Place: Happy Science Shibuya temple 5th floor
3-12, Uguisudani-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo ≫≫

Topic: English Video Seminar “Be Strong”

Tea Party after the seminar 3:30pm – 5:00pm

Happy Mission
Tel: 080-4134-7258
Email: happy-mission@happy-science.org

◆Today's Words of Wisdom◆
The purpose of being born in this world is to gain experience as a soul.
Failure and setbacks are a part of this experience, and it will remain in you as wisdom.

From "The Laws of Courage", written by Master Ryuho Okawa

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Открытый семинар「ウラジオストク セミナー」のお知らせ

  • 2012/06/27(水) 08:08:37


◆日時:7月15日(日)14:30 ~
◆場所:ウラジオストク、 アジムトホテル 一階セミナー会場
◆演題:「豊かな富の形成」-Change your mind set to attract wealthy-
「常勝思考 第三章 富の創造」の法話を中心に 豊かさを創造する心の持ち方と夢を抱くことの大切さを学びます。英語からロシア語への逐次通訳形式で行われます。
◆講師:今井治朗 幸福の科学国際局講師
◆連絡・詳細:RDNまで northfrontier777@gmail.com

Открытый семинар

Привлечь богатствоВходo,
изменив свой склад разума!

Международный лектор, Доктор Джиро Имаи из Японии,
научитвас, как дарить счастье и добиваться процветания
с помощью силы непобедимого мышления!

День: 15 июля, 2012, Воскресенье
Время: 1430~
Место:1этаж, конференц-зал,
Адрес: Владивосток, ул. Набережная 10
тел: 4232-225520

Доктор Джиро Имаи,
Японский Бывший научный сотрудник
Фармацевтических Наук, Мэриленд,
Международный лектор Хэппи Сайенс, который побывал
в 20 странах и провел более 170 лекций. Он известен как
для души и он рад делиться Истиной Духовного учителя
для нахождения истинного счастья для людей во всем мире.

Длябронирования: пошлитеписьмона
Подарим книгу всем, ктозаобранировалместоза
ранее по эл-почте!


◆Слова мудрости за сегодня◆
"Тиэ но Котоба (Слова мудрости) за сегодня"
Половина неприятностей в жизни возникает из-за неподходящего желания.

Рюхо Окава 《ЗАКОНЫ СЧАСТЬЯ》 Первая глава: Как перестать быть несчастным

参考書籍:『幸福の法』(大川隆法 著)
Half the misery in life is the result of inappropriate desire.

from:"Ryuho Okawa""The Laws of Happiness"
"One:How to Stop Being Unhappy p21"

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Workshop “Love surpasses Hatred”

  • 2012/05/05(土) 06:10:57

Here is the announcement for this month’s workshop.

The topic of this month is
“Love surpasses Hatred”

One of the most important messages will be given to you.
Lecturer Mr.Sakakibara is a fromer minister of Happy Science Philippines.His passionate lecture moved many audience, and suceed to create10,000 members in one year.

Come join the workshop!
The workshop will be on May 20th (Sun) and starts from 2:00pm.

After the workshop, there will be a tea party too(^ ^)

We all look forward to seeing you all at the workshop!!

Date: May20th (Sun) 2:00pm~3:30pm

Place: Shibuya temple 4th floor

Topic: Love Surpasses Hatred-.  by Rev. Charlie Sakakibara

Tea Party :3:30pm~5:00pm

Happy Mission
Tel: 080-4134-7258
Email: happy-mission@happy-science.org

Happy Science
Sibuya Temple
3-12, Uguisudani-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo    ≫≫
Tel: 080-4134-7258 or 03-5457-1777(Shibuya Temple)

◆Today's Words of Wisdom◆
Half the misery in life is the result of inappropriate desire. 
From “The Laws of Happiness”

Basic Seminar Course Apr.8th(Sun)

  • 2012/03/30(金) 00:35:32

Basic Seminar Course Apr.8th(Sun)

Hi everyone
We will be holding a basic course seminar for non-Japanese people.
This will be a continual 12 course program and has 3 levels.
If you continue this course, you can become a certified lay member lecturer of Happy Science.
Basic Course will be held on 8th of April and start from 2o'clock.
This time we will learn:
*"What is Missionary Work?"
*Meditation(Vision of A Peaceful Mind)
*The Requirements for Becoming a Bodhisattva, Master's Lecture(DVD).
If you want to deepen your knowledge of truth, please join us.

【Date】April 8th (Sun)
【Place】Shibuya temple 4th Floor  ≫≫
【Topic】"Missionary Work and Creation of Utopia"
Seminar will be conducted in English.
If you want to attend the Basic coursse seminar on April 8, please email us at

Happy Mission

◆Today's Words of Wisdom◆
Be brave, be honest. A true top leader takes responsibilities regarding all circumstances and results.
From the Lecture“On Winning Strategies for Leaders”